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You may submit a job announcement to be posted on this blog via email.  Attachments are not accepted. Submissions with an online presence (i.e. posted on an organization’s website) are generally posted with a brief description and a link to the full listing. Submissions without an online presence will be posted in full with all pertinent contact information provided that they are not too long and that the job opportunity can be verified. All posted jobs must include salary information. Job postings without a salary range will not be accepted.

This blog may also include serials or electronic resources-related job announcements that have been posted on various listservs and job websites.

Statement on Salary Requirement
Like many of our peer organizations, NASIG has made the decision to only feature job postings that include a salary range with the intent to promote equity in libraries. Lack of transparency regarding salaries and earnings expectations is a significant concern for professionals at all stages of their career. Without transparent salary ranges, potential applicants do not know if a job is worth applying for or know what type of position they are in to negotiate a fair salary. Furthermore, job postings that do not disclose salary disproportionately penalize women and BIPOC. Libraries that do not post salary ranges or pay grades perpetuate the wage gap and inequality in the hiring process.

This change does mean that some open postings will not be shared by NASIG through our website or listservs. As a result of our advocacy for salary transparency, we will no longer post professional opportunities for any job (part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent, internship, etc.) that does not publicly include salary information.

By adapting our job postings guidelines, NASIG is working towards a more equitable and diverse library ecosystem that allows all of its members to thrive.