Head of Continuing Resources & Collection Maintenance, Columbia Law Library, NY

The Diamond Law Library at Columbia University seeks an energetic professional to serve as its Head of Continuing Resources and Collection Maintenance. The Head of Continuing Resources and Collection Maintenance will be responsible for the physical integrity and overall organization of over 800,000 volumes of the Diamond Law Library, including planning to maximize effective use of limited physical space. The individual will also be responsible for ensuring timely and accurate bibliographic and physical access to continuing resources in print and microform formats. Reporting to the Head of Technical Services, the Head of Continuing Resources and Collection Maintenance will:

– Organize and administer all aspects of collection maintenance. Work closely with other professional staff in Technical Services to maintain logic and order in a collection that uses three classification systems. Delegate to Stacks Supervisor to ensure the accurate and timely shelving of the Law Library’s paper material to the shelves. Ensure the accurate and timely updating of legal treatises with supplements, pocket parts and loose-leaf releases. Coordinate search requests and rush requests. Maintain library signage and maps. Provide stack support to other departments in the Library.

– Organize work flow and establish priorities for all aspects of serials processing in print and microform including checkin, routing, and claiming. Resolve complex serials problems such as clarifying unusual publication patterns and determining the most appropriate record structure for tracking and binding such patterns.

– Deal directly with a variety of publishers and vendors to assist in clarifying complex serial publication patterns as described above and to resolve lapses in serial receipts that may result from payment problems.

– Working with Stacks Supervisor, plan and manage all space management projects. Act as main liaison with external library movers. Supervise execution of contracts to ensure that standards and specifications are met. Coordinate with the Law Library Finance and Acquisitions Unit on all billable repairs, maintenance and services.

– Supervise 1 supervisor, 2 support staff members and provide indirect supervision to 3 support staff and 1 student employee. Manage all recruitment, training, performance, scheduling and attendance related activities.

– Participate in the administrative routine of the Law Library including committee work, preparing statistical and narrative.

Link to posting and application: jobs.columbia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=171896

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