Head of Collection Development and Acquisitions, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD

The Head of the Collection Development and Acquisitions Section has primary responsibility for building the modern NLM collection of biomedical literature and other resources according to the guidelines of the Collection Development Manual of the National Library of Medicine. The Section selects materials for the NLM collection in a challenging scientific publishing environment including providing journal selection and processing support for the NLM literature databases PubMed Central and MEDLINE. Section staff provide initial bibliographic control for resources selected; acquire materials in all formats from sources worldwide; process materials for the collection; and license and manage access to electronic resources. The incumbent will oversee the NLM literature budget of approximately $12.5 million dollars and provide policy support for the Library’s collecting guidelines. S/he will serve on working groups within NLM and represent NLM to various professional and government organizations. When fully staffed, the Section has 34 professional librarians, technical information specialists and library technical support personnel.

Applications will be accepted beginning on April 18 at the links below.

Supervisory Librarian (DE)


DE stands for delegated examining. All U.S. citizens are eligible.

Supervisory Librarian (MP)


MP stands for merit promotion. Applicants must be qualified current or former federal employees or VEOA eligible.

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