Shared Content and Licensing Librarian, PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries) Consortium, Richland County, South Carolina

PASCAL is looking for a team-oriented person with a strong background managing electronic resource licensing, collections development or acquisitions; outstanding analytic, planning and communication skills; and an adventurous spirit.

The Shared Content and Licensing Librarian will play a leading role in planning and implementing collaborative collections initiatives and coordinating consortium-wide licensing activities.  Our goal is to bring greater unity to collections while creating efficiencies in securing content for member libraries.

This is a position in a dynamic environment with rich opportunities for professional growth and making an impact.  You can play an important role in helping to integrate both current and emerging programs as South Carolina re-engineers its statewide electronic library for higher education to respond more powerfully to 21st century academic library imperatives. Learn more about PASCAL:

Read the full announcement and information on how to apply:

*PLEASE NOTE: One frequently asked question about our positions involves the state’s “job-type” description for PASCAL jobs as “Temporary Grant” positions. This is required for positions that are not funded using state-appropriated funds. PASCAL positions are funded by the membership and the consortium considers this a permanent staff position.

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