Assistant Director, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL

The Assistant Director (AD) of the CIC Center for Library Initiatives (CLI) works closely with the Director of the CLI, CIC member library groups, and CIC colleagues to support the development, implementation and assessment of CLI action plans. Depending upon the activities involved, the AD assists or leads program planning, project management, and coordination of key collaborative initiatives.
Duties & responsibilities:
• In coordination with the CLI Director, work to develop and implement project management plans for selected CLI initiatives.
• Negotiate and administer licenses, contracts, and agreements for electronic information resources. Coordinate decision-making among library staff members for particular acquisitions.
• Track, analyze and report on cost trends in scholarly resources, and the economic and service benefits that accrue to consortium members through participation in cooperative licensing.
• Coordinate the work of various library committees and task forces across the CIC member libraries.
• Coordinate the benchmarking of CIC library collections and services.
• Proactively contribute to the overall planning and management activities of the CIC.
• Lead planning and coordination of topical CIC library conferences.
• Work with CIC staff to manage tools to track consortial statistics for licensing, resource sharing, etc.
• Communicate effectively with library faculty and staff at CIC member universities, peer institutions and consortia nationally, as well as with the vendor community.
• Monitor issues, trends and best practices in library management and scholarly communication, and contribute to that dialogue on behalf of the CIC and its member universities.

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