E-resources Service Specialist, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

This position is responsible for duties in the Information Management & Discovery unit within the KU Libraries Acquisitions and Resource Sharing department. Currently staff in this unit are responsible for making sure material holdings are accurately reflected on the public record and access to e-resources is uninterrupted. This includes maintaining data produced from Voyager, Illiad, and Serials Solutions (ProQuest), the departmental webpages and stored documentation, according to local, national, and international standards and best practices. The unit also serves as the initial service point of the Acquisitions & Resource Sharing department, which includes email, IM, phone, and walk-in services.

Staff in this unit work in a unique environment that is highly detailed, data-driven, and user centered.  The unit uses project management skills to plan work and manage tasks that cross multiple units or departments. This work involves managing a high volume of interpersonal communication that occurs in person, over the phone, or in writing (email, IM, online documentation).  Staff in this unit ensure data is available to make well-informed judgements, while exercising flexibility to respond promptly and courteously to immediate user needs.

See more details at https://employment.ku.edu/staff/4497br. Applicants  are encouraged to apply by the closing date October 11th.

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