Director, Acquistions and E-Resource Licensing Services, Cornell University Library, Ithaka, New York

Cornell University Library is seeking a Director of Acquisitions and E-Resource Licensing Services who will provide leadership to its Library Technical Services (LTS) department. The mission of LTS is to acquire enduring access to both physical and electronic resources to meet the research and teaching needs of one of the nation’s premier universities. Currently comprising 29 staff distributed among four units, Acquisitions and E-Resource Licensing Services is responsible for ordering, receiving, licensing, account management, and vendor negotiations in support of the acquisition of physical and/or online access to library materials and resources in all formats. In addition, AERLS is responsible for processing gifts and government documents and for providing bibliographic access to newly acquired material through the creation of brief MARC records and through fast- and copy cataloging using records derived from WorldCat and other sources. The Director sets achievable goals for the department to address evolving user needs and, with other LTS managers, prioritizes divisional needs and allocates resources in support of new LTS services. The Director also works with leaders in other library divisions, such as information technology, collection development, collection management, digital preservation, virtual libraries, and access services to meet CUL strategic goals.

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