Digital Scholarship Librarian – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Library seeks a creative, forward-thinking, innovative individual for the position of Digital Scholarship Librarian in the Carolina Digital Library and Archives (CDLA). The Digital Scholarship Librarian will provide sustainable and scalable services within the Library and on campus that facilitate the creation and dissemination of online digital content and new knowledge in digital form, focusing heavily on the humanities disciplines.

The successful candidate will bring a sense of inquisitiveness and strong problem-solving skills to the position, along with an aptitude for strategic thinking and sustainability planning, and a commitment to advancing the state of the art in digital scholarship in the humanities. The Digital Scholarship Librarian will manage a portfolio of digital scholarship (including digital humanities), digital collections, and library technology projects, in close collaboration with faculty, campus partners, and within the Library. Within the Library, the Digital Scholarship Librarian will actively partner with other CDLA staff, subject librarians, and staff from other Library departments such as Library and Information Technology and Special Collections.

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