Licensing and Procurement Coordinator – National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD

There is a vacancy for a Licensing and Procurement Coordinator in the Acquisitions and Metadata Branch, National Agricultural Library.  Full details about the position, and instructions on how to apply are available here:

Major responsibilities include

  • Managing programs, projects, and procedures related to the acquisition and collection lifecycle of electronic resources purchased for the National Agricultural Library’s national collection. 
  • Managing the Library’s contracting activities for electronic resources and bibliographic metadata, including negotiating license agreements, serving as the Contracting Officer’s Representative on multiple contracts, and resolving performance issues with vendors.
  • Serving as principal liaison with ARS procurement staff.
  • Building the NAL resource collection across all formats by collecting and managing usage data and other information to assist in selecting new titles for the collection and making renewal and cancellation decisions.
  • Monitoring the work of Acquisitions and Metadata Branch Staff to ensure that accurate information about the Library’s procurement activities is recorded in relevant systems, (e.g., ARS financial management systems and library information systems).
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