Acquisitions & Metadata Services Business Analyst – Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Reporting to the Head of Acquisitions & Metadata Services (AMS), the Business Analyst is responsible for a wide range of activities providing support to managers and staff through collection, analysis, synthesis, and dissemination of data and information about existing and new technology tools and services requiring integration with library and campus systems. The Business Analyst also supports technology projects, workflow process improvement, facilitating team efforts to use new software and automated tools to streamline operations. The analyst employs the skills and techniques of project management and business analysis to ensure smooth operation of automated services critical to library acquisitions and metadata services operations. Working collaboratively with stakeholders in division operational teams and technical teams within the library information technology division, the Business Analyst works to achieve optimum performance and reliability from the technology solutions and tools deployed in this unit. The incumbent supports strategic deployment of technologies aimed at process improvement for all operations relevant to Acquisitions & Metadata Services in the Content Division of the University Library. This role is expected to achieve high-quality outputs to customers while deriving the greatest benefit from vendor services. The role will support training efforts to expand staff skills to meet technical opportunities enhancing service to Emory customers; coordinate logistical activities to support business objectives; and, implement and coordinate specific data collection efforts and special projects as assigned by Department Head. The Business Analyst works closely with unit managers to derive critical business data from operations to be used for making management decisions. The incumbent may supervise staff and student employees on a project basis but has no permanent supervisory responsibilities.

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