Electronic Access Librarian (Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar)

Electronic Access Librarian (Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar)


This position is responsible for the bibliographic control of items selected to be added to the collection in accordance with the policies of the Distributed eLibrary.


Create original catalog records; prepare and enter bibliographic records into OCLC for shared cataloging and interlibrary loan needs.

Assign NLM classification numbers and MeSH subject headings to catalog records; Ensure the integration and web accessibility of the Library’s electronic resources.

Participate in planning circulation policies with other sections of the Library; Process collection materials for use by library users.

Work closely with the Library Systems staff in formulating policies and profiling for the electronic library and provide current practice information when profiling vendor products which have been purchased.

Participate in long-range and strategic planning exercises for future automation activities; develop and maintain manuals describing the policies and procedures of the section.

Edit and prepare cataloging copy for entry into the Library’s automated catalog (OPAC); establish name, subject, and series authority entries following international standards for cataloging.

Maintain bibliographic records in the online catalog to ensure proper indexing and display in the catalog.

Establish and maintain in the online catalog the hypertext links to electronic resources; work with the Systems Librarian in creating and maintaining the electronic presence in the Library.

Ensure that each item is entered in the online catalog accurately so that the records interact correctly with the loan rules for circulating items; withdraw lost or damaged items from the online catalog and OCLC.

Advise on public relations materials relative to the work of the section.

Other duties as assigned.

Employment Level:
Non tenure track
Application Deadline:
Open until filled
Librarians/ library administration
Employment Status:
Commensurate with experience
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