Serials Librarian – Washington, DC (LAC)

LAC Group seeks a Serials Librarian to work on a full-time contract position at a Government Library in Washington, DC.

  • Coordinate notices for missing individual issues or serial titles using online resources. Help identify and verify items using online files such as check-in history, holding and item records, publication patterns, and works-in-progress
  • Create and/or edit acquisitions and bibliographic records in the Library’s Integrated Library System (LCILS) using the Cataloging and Acquisitions modules; MARC-based initial bibliographic control records, holdings and item records, purchase orders, check-in components, routing lists, subscription patterns and vendor records
  • Establish relationships with copyright owners/publishers to ensure timely receipt of serials
  • Assist publishers with problems and questions relating to copyright serial deposit, issued claims, mandatory deposit, and the registration of serials, including group registration 
  • Monitor claims every 45 days to ensure receipt of materials by the deadline date. If issues have not been received, Librarian will call publishers and/or send follow-up notices as appropriate. Keep accurate and up-to-date records of all transactions with publisher or copyright owner
  • Inspect and review deposits received to assure what was requested was received 
  • Prepare weekly statistical reports on claiming activities that will identify number of issues and titles claimed, average time of receipt, databases and/or Internet sites searched, communications with publishers, cases created, dollar value of deposits received, etc.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Experience in acquiring library materials particularly serial publications
  • Experience in all aspects of serials control and management including creating/editing full set of ILS records, searching, analyzing and updating online bibliographic and acquisitions records, identifying and claiming missing issues, and receiving issues on appropriate online record
  • Experience recognizing electronic serials content.  Includes knowledge of common file types and transfer protocols, DTD describing an XML document structure, markup languages, non-MARC metadata standards and schemas, and able to communicate technical and non-technical information to publishers and data providers
  • Working knowledge of bibliographic controls, reading, understand, and interpreting MARC
  • Good oral and written communications skills
  • Ability to manage projects
  • Ability to work independently, as well as plan and organize time to maximize quantity and quality of work
  • Experience in searching, bibliographic databases, the Internet, and other online reference resources
  • Experience in using an Integrated Library System (ILS) especially the Cataloging     Acquisitions, and Serials check-in functions.  
  • Experience using the Voyager ILS is preferred but not required
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technology

To read more details and to apply please visit this link:

To view all of our currently open positions please visit:

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