Technical Services Specialist, Media & Metadata (Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania)

Technical Services Specialist, Media & Metadata
The Technical Services Specialist for Media and Metadata is responsible for general acquisition and cataloging of videos.  The position also provides support for in-house streaming video conversion and rights acquisition.

Videos in all formats, including streaming, are used extensively throughout the curriculum, and requests for videos often need to be rushed in order to be available for classroom use.  Media cataloging is relatively complex and requires extensive annotations and enhancements to available records in order to meet local standards required by the Film and Media Studies faculty.

Working with the Digital Initiatives Group, the position is responsible for creation of descriptive metadata for items in the library’s digital repositories such as DSpace and ContentDM.  Items may include films, recorded performances and lectures, student theses, faculty scholarship and digitized archival records.

The incumbent also contributes to the general acquisition and cataloging of monographic publications.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree required. Familiarity with at least one foreign language required.
  • One to two years experience cataloging in an academic library environment required.   Experience cataloging visual media preferred.  Experience using the OCLC system for acquisitions or copy cataloging and similar functions in an integrated library system such as Millennium.
  • Prefer experience in cataloging digital objects using non-MARC metadata schema, such as Dublin Core, in a repository such as DSpace or ContentDM.
  • Demonstrates facility with PC or Macintosh hardware and software, particularly with standard word processing and email programs and basic email functionality, in order to assure efficiency and effectiveness in daily work.  Proficient in searching library databases.
  • Requires knowledge of Library of Congress classification and subject heading schemes.
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